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Regina Patrick
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Work History



2000 - present: Freelance Medical Writer/Editor/Proofreader

Regina Patrick Writing Service




Duties: I am a contributing writer for A2Zzz magazine, which educates sleep technologists about new developments in the field. I began my association with A2Zzz in 2000.


I am also a contributing writer for several other magazines in the sleep field (e.g., Focus, Sleep Review, RT), as well as for lay health magazines (e.g., Healthy Living News, Mature Living) in my local area (Toledo, Ohio).


In 2009, I expanded my services to provide proofreading and editing to various companies (e.g., Palabra, the Word Company; Premedia Global, Cactus Global) and individuals. Through this experience, I have gained familiarity with the American Medical Association and the Council of Biology Editors styles of writing, as well as familiarity with the Chicago Manual of Style. Most projects involve editing PhD/MD level articles.



1985 - present: Registered Sleep Technologist (RPSGT)

Fulton County Swanton Sleep Center (2012 2013)

One Turtle Creek Drive

Swanton, OH 43558


Wolverine Sleep Center (2010 2012)

4111 E. Russell Rd.

Tecumseh, MI 49286


St. Ann Mercy Sleep Disorders Center (2008 2010)

3404 W. Sylvania Ave.

Toledo, OH 43623


St. Vincent Mercy Sleep Disorders Center (1985 2008)

2213 Cherry St.

Toledo, OH 43608


Duties: I am a registered sleep technologist. My current duties are to prepare equipment such as the polysomnograph machine and sensors for nocturnal sleep studies; hook up patients for sleep studies; explain sleep study procedures to patients; and monitor patients during sleep.




1987 Graduate of the University of Toledo (Toledo, OH) with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics.



Professional Affiliations

1987 - present: American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST)

In addition to my membership, I am a frequent contributor to the AAST's magazine, A2Zz. I am a contributing writer for AAST's textbook, Fundamentals of Sleep Technology, which is used in training programs for sleep technologists. In the past I involved in AAST's efforts to pass legislation concerning issues that affect the sleep technology field.


2000 - 2002: American Medical Writers Association (AMWA)

I was a member of the Ann Arbor, MI chapter of AMWA.




I was the 2003 recipient of the Dr. Allen DeVilbiss Literary Award for my literary contributions to A2Zzz and to the sleep field.


In 2008, I was the recipient of the Peter A. McGregor Service Award for my contributions to A2Zzz and to the sleep field.




Recent Articles



Patrick, R. 2017 Dec. A Blood Test for Sleep Apnea? A2Zzz.


Patrick, R. 2017 Mar. Residual Sleepiness in OSA: Possible Factors. A2Zzz.


Patrick, R. 2015 Feb. Shifting Attitudes. Sleep Review.


Patrick, R. 2013 Oct. Nocturnal Eating and Its Relation to RLS and Narcolepsy. Sleep Review.


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Patrick, R. 2011. Free-running rhythm in sighted people. A2Zzz, 20(4):16-18.


Patrick, R. 2011 June. Early intervention: Predicting and preventing sleep-disordered breathing. Sleep Review.


Patrick R. 2011. Treatment recommendation updates: Guidelines and recommendations for the management of narcolepsy and other central hypersomnias. Sleep Review.


Patrick R. 2010. Sleep pressure and adenosine. Focus, (Jan/Feb):12-13.


Patrick R. 2009. Dazed, confused, and tired. Sleep Review






Patrick R. 2007. Principles of recording biopotentials. Fundamentals of Sleep Technology, Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 271279.


Patrick R. 2012. Fundamentals of Sleep Technology, 2nd edition Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 3746, 7892, 286300.





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