Services, Fees, & Payment Method

Services: The Regina Patrick Writing Service provides medical or general editing, proofreading, and content writing for magazines, web sites, or other projects.

Fees: Writing and editing projects vary in complexity and factors such as turnaround time, level of editing, and the amount of research involved can affect the fee charged for a project. Therefore, an accurate estimate of charges would require a description of your project. Please submit a description of your project through the form below. As a general guide . . .

Editing/proofreading projects range $25.00$35.00/hour.
Substantive editing projects range $45.00$55.00/1000 words
Copywriting projects range $100.00$600.00

These prices are intended to give a general idea. The actual price for your project may be greater or less than what is listed here.

Payment Method:
The Regina Patrick Writing Service accepts payments for projects through PayPal. (For PayPal payments, please use the following email address:

NOTE: For first-time clients, the Regina Patrick Writing Service requires a deposit of 50% (fifty percent) of a project's fee before beginning the project.

To Place An Order

The most expedient way to contact the Regina Patrick Writing Service for your writing project is to submit your information by the form below. Required fields are in red.

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  • word count
  • type of project (editing, writing)
  • intended purpose (website, article, etc.)


This form may not work with some browsers. If this occurs, you can email your project request to:

In the e-mail, be sure to give:
  • A description of your project (including word count, type of project [e.g., editing, writing], intended purpose [e.g., magazine article, website])
  • Your name
  • Your contact information (email, phone number, etc.)
  • The projected due date


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